Big Collection Of Brand-new Motorcycles, Scooters, Quads, Buggies, Mopeds and Bicycles For Hire.

(We provide services only in Ayia Napa area)

Rates Included

Internet users plus

Terms & Conditions

  1. Driving licence and passport are necessary for all categories. (bicycles only passport)

  2. Minimum age is 17 years old and can drive only 50cc.(scooters & quads only)

  3. Over 50cc the minimum age is 18 years old.

  4. The maximum age is 65 years old for all categories.

  5. For any scooter or Quad 50cc is necessary Moped licence (cat. AM or A1/A)*We may not rent scooters to holders of AM license*

  6. For any scooter over 50cc is necessary full M/C licence.

  7. Buggies and quads over 50cc is necessary full car licence. (categ. B1/B)

  8. Passengers under 12th years old are not allowed.

  9. Helmets are necessary for all categories except buggies. (helmets are free)

  10. For all categories in some cases we take extra deposit by credit card or cash.

  11. Only for one day hire, we have the right of denial. (don't hire)

  12. All traffic fines are client's responsibility.

  13. Canceling (Reversal), and Repayment Impossibility.

  14. All prices are in Euro. (see online exchange rate)

  15. PETROL: We give you full tank (you pay for that) and you return it empty. (We do Not refund money for petrol)


  1. Full third party insurance covers only damages made on other vehicle, people and passengers.(exception 100)

  2. Pay from 2.00 to 5.00 Euro per day to have C.D.W.

  3. C.D.W. (Collision Damage Waiver)is the maximum amount of compensation agreed and noted in the rental document.

  4. Without C.D.W. the customer (Renter) is responsible for any loss or damages sustained to the motorcycle, atv, utv, buggy or scooter.

  5. C.D.W. does not cover tyres and wittingly damages.

  6. C.D.W. does not cover all helmets, all bicycles, and other extra for bicycles.

  7. The renter shall keep the motorcycle, atv, utv, buggy or scooter, at all times in his possession and custody.

  8. The renter shall not allow any other person to drive the motorcycle, atv, utv, buggy or scooter, except with the owner's prior written consent. 

To hire anything from any category you must leave deposit in the office.

That will be money, passport or both. (can be amount by credit card)


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